Baumschule 2005 in Casson del Chievo (VR)


Laimer Fruit-Tree-Nursery


Our nursery was founded in 1926.

From 1926 up to now the needs of the fruit growers changed and so changed also the product we offer.

The production site was transferred in the years around 1990 to the Po-plain in northern Italy, due to the excellent soil and whether conditions for dwarf-fruit-tree production.

The fruit trees we produce today are mainly Knip-trees, grafted on dwarfing rootstocks (M9) and have a high number of feather branches.

Our complete Production is certified by the regional fitosanitary service (Italian national plant certification- blu label) 

We are sorry for the limited contents in English of our website at the moment.

Please visit the german or italian version of this website to get further information about quality and varieties of our dwarf-fruit-trees

For any further information contact

Peter Laimer: +39 340 2201848

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